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Oct 28, 2012 4:05pm EDT
healthcare, not a single one of those votes talked about the environment, not a single vote talked about transportation infrastructure, not a single vote were dealing on education or a single one on gun control. all things that i think are important to people in the 10th district and are critical votes. my opponent doesn't want to talk about it. >> if we look at the record this congress, which is the most uneffective congress we've had, you voted twice on the ryan plan that turns medicare. a voucher plan. he voted with this congress over 200 times against our environment. over 28 times against obamacare. he's voted on them on issue after issue. >> congressman dold, your vote on obamacare, why you vote against it? >> you look at the affordable care act. there are things in there that are positive. >> how come? >> because i think we want to call it by its name. long end short, we got 21 new taxes on this. the estimates in terms of the cost estimates on new set ten years doubled. this is going to be enormously troubling. >> it didn't double. >> it did. you're talking about a ten year
Oct 27, 2012 7:00pm EDT
burst, spilling 50,000 barrels of oil into their environment. that is what happens when you bypass rules. we cannot let these large powerful interests create their own will. the lobbying firm in washington d.c. that represented the folks -- behalf have a diversified portfolio. -- we have to have a diversified portfolio. >> the company would have many jobs in wisconsin. she voted for the epa against the paper companies of wisconsin. i find it hard to believe that any congressman in from wisconsin would do that. she did. let me move to a different topic. >> jobs. we are that the heart of milwaukee. people are struggling. there are people in farms and rural areas that are struggling. what is the proper role of government in terms of trying to deal with this problem of long- term unemployment? or is it not really governments role? >> let's look at the history of this community. it used to be a big industrial manufacturing center of the state. closey of the company's or go overseas. so that is partly why did they focus on making things again in america and wisconsin is key. we also have
Oct 29, 2012 3:30am EDT
, less mill tar is particular environment in the region. then if you compare it to even taiwan, that issue was brabblingted between the two countries, between china and the united states. it was bracketed. you could similarly have something between the united states and iran over israel and the palestinian issue that is bracketed. i must come back to this other issue. this is in our strategic interest to come to terms with the islamic republic of iran, just like china. keep in mind, when mao was in charge, when nixon went to see mao, he had just presided over the killing of three million chinese. they didn't have a nuclear energy program, they tested nuclear weapons. the issue here is, what is in the u.s. national interest, not whether we think iranian government officials are good or bad, but even there, this is another critical challenge for the united states. as minor populations become more empowered in each of their countries they are not going vote for or support a secular democratic u.s. model for their government. they're not going to do it. they're not going to accept or lob
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3